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Our Goal is to Provide The Highest Quality of Medicine Available at a Reasonable Price

Hours: Sunday To Thursday 8:00 am To 11:00 pm

Friday & Saturday 8:00 am To 12:00 am

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Cannabis Dispensary Open 7 Days A Week

Must be 19 + and have valid ID

Grand Opening Specials



Quad Z Shatter $40.00 a gram 

Phyto Shatter $35.00 a gram 

High Voltage $30.00 a gram 

Apex $20.00 a gram 

House Shatter $20.00 a gram 

Pre Rolls $2.00 a gram 

Flyte Kits $55.00 

(Cartridge Replacement $40.00) 

Happy Face Pens $40.00 

Moroccan Hash $15.00 a gram 

Regular Hash $6.00 a gram 

Indica - Sativa and Hybrid

Chem Dawg, Seaweed, , Pink Buba, Earth OG and Orange Kush 

One gram $5.00 Eighth $17.50 Quarter $35.00 Half $70.00 Ounce $140.00 

Amnesia Haze, , Sour Diesel, Hulk Og, and Ta Hoe Og,   

One gram $6.00  Eighth $20  Quarter $40  Half $80  Ounce $160.00 

King BUba, Gorilla God and Wifi 

One gram $7.50  Eighth $25  Quarter $50  Half $100  Ounce $200.00 

Scout Master, Grim Ripper, Gods Haze, Snow White, Rock Star HD, Gorilla Glue, 

Hindu Kush, Rubba, Bling, Island Pink, Chocolope and Northern Lights

One gram $12.00  Eighth $40  Quarter $75  Half $135  Ounce $260.00

About Us

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Gastown Medicinals Society is a brand new and none-profit medical cannabis dispensary located in Downtown East side. We are committed to serving our community with passion and understanding. We carry a fine selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, tinctures & other products And we only offer strains that are lab tested to ensure quality control 


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